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Quality of Life

Quality of Life

Quality of Life for our residents is our promise and it’s one Sutton Park’s top priorities. Our internal standards far exceed government benchmarks.

To make sure we deliver the quality of service we guarantee, we hold regular team meetings to identify and address any shortcomings as well as conduct regular resident satisfaction surveys for timely and critical feedback from our residents and families. We rely on the findings to make improvements in our conduct, our services, our programs, our food, and other important areas. As a result, nearly 100 percent of our residents say they would recommend Sutton Park to others.

“The willingness of a consumer to recommend a facility to others is generally considered the best single indicator of consumer satisfaction.”
– 2007 National Survey of Consumer and Workforce Satisfaction in Nursing Homes

Our residents are cared for by a broad complement of fully credentialed physicians and consultants. Each resident receives a carefully individualized Care Plan formulated and continually monitored by our dedicated and skilled Interdisciplinary Team.

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